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The Mid Week News 18/09/2019

Right - news time again.

Remember, you can get daily news updates from our twitter feed (@OnDataEng)…

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Thoughts On Schema Registries

So I want to spend the next couple of weeks thinking about how you store structured data in unstructured data stores (specifically Streaming Data Stores, Hadoop Compatible File Systems and Object Stores).

This week, we’re looking at Streaming Data Stores

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The Future of Hadoop...

Ok - this is our last post on Hadoop for the time being, so let’s try and predict the future…

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Thoughts On Hadoop Service Providers

So last week we looked at a bunch of cloud Hadoop service providers. Time to recap and expouse some thoughts…

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Thoughts on the Cloudera Hortonworks merger...

Well this is going to generate a bunch of updates to the site…

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Thoughts on Hortonworks DataPlane

Updated 05/10/18 to reflect the fact that the DataPlane source code has been publshed on GitHub - thanks to Olivier from the comments

I’ve spent the last week digging a little further into Hortonworks DataPlane, and here are my thoughts..

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