Hadoop Distros Week edit  

We’ve now finished looking at the major players in the Hadoop distributions space, so I’d like to take this week to look at Hadoop and Hadoop distributions in a bit more detail, and flesh out our Hadoop Distributions page.

There’s obviously a whole pile of technologies that sit in this space we’ve not looked at, so first steps will be to refresh our definition of an Hadoop distribution, and try and get a slightly more complete list in place, including the Cloud Hadoop-as-a-service offerings, the smaller more boutique vendors, the appliances and maybe a footnote on the distributions that are no longer with us.

I’d then like to look at the Hadoop ecosystem in a bit more detail, and try and map out which components sit where. I’d also like to try and do a comparison between the major offerings, focusing on the different technologies they include. And finally, assuming I’ve not run out of time, a quick look at ODPI (The Open Data Platform Initiative).

Right, time to crack on - see you shortly.