Chapter 2 edit  

Given that I’m going a little short-sighted staring at Hadoop, I think it’s time to widen our gaze a little and to start chapter 2 of this site.

In the recently added Hadoop distributions comparison page, I introduced some categories by which I grouped and compared the technologies in the Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR technology stacks, however at no point did I try and accurately define was I mean by each of these categories.

So that’s what I’m planning to do now - work through these categories (and some that aren’t on there) to create a technology category page for each that summarises the range of technologies available in that space. I’ll continue doing technology summaries for popular technologies (or anything that catches my eye), with a focus on open source and cloud technologies (with a smattering of commercial ones as and where there’s enough public information to do so).

We’ll kick off tomorrow with our first category, once I’ve rolled the dice and picked one!