The Week That Was - 02/06/2017 edit  

Just a very quick update this week.

It’s been a much shorter week that usual due to me being elsewhere at the beginning of the week and only starting our look into object stores on Wednesday. Because of that we’ll continue into next week, and I’m therefore not going to summarise any of the technologies we’ve looked at this week today.

I’m starting to settle on a new rhythm for these technology category pages. I think I’m looking for broad coverage rather than depth - so although I would love to work through all the major technologies in each category I think my priority has to be getting good coverage of the various categories I want to cover so that there’s a framework that hopefully other people can help me build out. However, I don’t want to provide technology category pages that provide no value and don’t contain any useful or valuable information, but I don’t want to stop or reduce the number of technology summaries I’m doing - and that’s the balance I’m trying to strike. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m going to try and do technology summaries Monday to Thursday and a technology category page and some thoughts on a Friday, with the technology category page focusing on providing valuable links and very brief lists of potential technologies that fit in the category that require further analysis - a valuable starting point for understanding the potential technology options.

I’ve no idea if it’ll work, or if it’s achievable, but let’s find out. Next week we’ll finish of our last technology summaries for object stores, catch-up on the news, and maybe have a look at Cloudera Altus or Azure Data Lake Store if we have time.