The Mid Week News - 14/06/2017 edit  

Right, let’s try and do this a bit more regularly (although it’s a bit late today!), especially as it seems to have been a busy news week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • Hortonworks Data Flow has seen a 3.0 release, with the biggest changes being the introduction of two new products - Streaming Analytics Manager and Schema Registry - and a technical preview of SAM Stream Insights which bundles Druid and Apache Superset. We’ll talk more about this on Friday!
  • As part of it’s 2.6 release, Hortonworks Data Platform has deprecated a bunch of technologies that will be removed in HDP 3.0, including Falcon, Flume, Mahout, Slider and Hue, and is moving Accumulo, Kafka and Storm out of HDP into other Hortonworks products. I’ll try and capture my thoughts on Friday.
  • Apache Falcon now appears to be inactive, probably related to it’s deprecation from HDP
  • Apache Slider now also appears to be inactive, with a plan to fold support for long running services into YARN
  • Apache NiFi continues it’s breakneck release schedule with a 1.3 release
  • Apache Solr has seen a bump to 6.6
  • Alluxio has seen a 1.5 release, although details seem to be thin on the ground at the moment
  • Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS has skipped 1.15 and gone straight to 1.16
  • Cloudbreak, Hortonworks’ Hadoop in the cloud orchestration tool, has jumped to 1.14
  • ZepplinHub (the Apache Zeppelin managed service) has changed it’s name to Zepl
  • Livy has been donated to the Apache Foundation

Technology news: