The Mid Week News - 05/07/2017 edit  

Right - time for some updates on stuff that’s been happening over the last week.

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Technology news:

  • Heron, the streaming technology that Twitter built to replace Storm has been donated to the Apache Foundation - see the proposal and incubator page
  • A couple of further bits on Heron from Adrian Colyer’s “the morning paper” - one on the architecture and one on Dhalion, their tool for dynamically managing Heron flows
  • And one more from “the morning paper” on Google Spanner
  • An article on S3DistCp for Amazon EMR - their tool for moving data between S3 and HDFS that also supports a range of file manipulations.
  • And on the subject of S3, Scality have a blog post on s3fs, an open source tool allowing you to mount S3 buckets as a filesystem
  • At at the risk of this becoming S3 week, a post from Hortonworks on using S3Guard, an extension to the Hadoop S3A FileSystem that uses Amazon DynamoDB to make access to S3 strongly consistent
  • Thoughts from Curt Monash on analytics on the edge
  • Part 4 of the getting started with Apache Ignite series is out
  • And because it’s important that open source software pro-actively notifies users around security vulnerabilities, let’s publicise some of them here, starting with an information disclosure announcement for Apache Ignite