The Mid Week News - 12/07/2017 edit  

It’s a fairly light week this week, but let’s catch up on the news anyway.

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Technology news:

  • The 3.0 alpha4 release of Apache Hadoop is out - first beta release is next!
  • More from Adrian Colyer’s “the morning paper” - how relational databases can be faster than graph databases for some types of graph operations
  • And other one from Adrian - this time reviewing a paper on Azure Data Lake Store.
  • An article on Rescalable State in Apache Flink
  • And I feel like we’ve committed to this now, but here’s part 5 of GridGain’s introduction to Apache Ignite. Should be over soon.
  • And given my comments on security vulnerabilities disclosures last week, there’s a job lot this week
    • CVE-2017-5640 - Apache Impala (incubating) Information Disclosure
    • CVE-2017-5652 - Apache Impala (incubating) Information Disclosure
    • CVE-2017-7660 - Security Vulnerability in secure inter-node communication in Apache Solr