The Apache Big Data Project List edit  

It’s a day late, but the new and refreshed list of Apache technologies that I think are of interest to us is now live on the Apache Foundation vendor page.

There’s 98 technologies in total, which talks to the breadth of projects that the Apache Foundation now supports, and the range of (just one small slice of) technology options in the space we’re looking at. And just for reference, we have technology summaries and technology pages for 53 (at the time of writing) of these technologies if you want more information on them.

I’ve split the technologies up into some very broad categories, but I’m looking to refine these as we continue our journey through the technology categories that I think are of interest to us. If you’re reading this in the future, the categories on the Apache technologies page should link to technology category pages that provide an insight into available technologies across the open source and commercial space.

I think that’s probably all for this week - see you after the weekend.