The Mid Week News - 06/09/2017 edit  

Although it’s a quiet week this week, we’re still got time for the news…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • No new releases this week, but I’ve added more links to the Spark 2.2 and Solr 6.6 release information

Technology news:

  • Facebook have posted about LogDevice, their distributed log data store, due to be open sourced later this year. Along with DistributedLog (Twitter), Pulsar (Yahoo) and BookKeeper (also Yahoo), it feels like the open source technologies in our streaming data stores category are starting to multiply.
  • Analytics on video (and image and audio) sources is an interesting area (here I go again) that I’d like to come back to at some point, but in the meantime, from Amit Baghel via InfoQ, a post on using OpenCV, Kafka and Spark to do video stream analysis
  • Following Confluent’s KSQL announcement last week, Data Artisans’ thoughts and comparison to Flink SQL
  • Thoughts from The Register on machine learning, open source and the current skills gap
  • Interesting post on window processing in Apache Beam that’s a good introduction to the subject