The Mid Week News - 04/10/2017 edit  

Time for the news again, with all our updates on new technology releases and interesting things to read…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • From MapR, and these are always good for a read, a post on why MapR-DB is better than Cassandra, HBase and others
  • And another face-off - this time a post on Flink vs Spark
  • It’s another interesting Confluence post (YMMV), this time on machine learning with Kafka
  • Thoughts from ZDNet on the recent Strata NY event
  • Azure HDInsight now supports Interactive Query, aka Hive on LLAP as a service
  • There are a bunch of security vulnerability announcements this week
    • CVE-2017-9792 - malicious user with “ALTER” permissions on an Impala table can access any other Kudu table data
    • CVE-2017-9797 - unauthenticated client can enter multi-user authentication mode in Apache Geode
    • CVE-2017-9794 - user with read privileges can use the gfsh command line utility to execute queries with Apache Geode