The Mid Week News - 11/10/2017 edit  

It’s news time again - come and see what new tech releases and interesting reading we have for you this week!

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • From ZDNet, thoughts on SnappyData, and the convergence of OLTP, OLAP and streaming analytics
  • From The Register, Azure now supports a dedicated tool for provisioning Spark based on Azure Batch
  • Amazon EMR now supports Livy, as well as new versions of Hue, Presto, Flink and Pig.
  • Thoughts on MADLib from Pivotal following it’s graduation from the Apache incubator. We’ll be looking more at capabilities like this over this week and next.
  • Apache Nifi has security vulnerablity - CVE-2017-12623 - authorized user could upload a template which contained malicious code and accessed sensitive files via an XML External Entity (XXE) attack
  • Crail has been submitted to the Apache Incubator - looks like a high performance distributed and tiered (in memory, flash and disk) storage layer for temporary data that provides memory, storage and network access that bypasses the JVM and OS, and with integration to Spark (as a custom Spark Suffler that improves sort performance by a factor of five) and Hadoop (via an HDFS adaptor).