The Mid Week News - 18/10/2017 edit  

News news news! A bunch of new technology releases and interested blog posts for your purusal this week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Microsoft have released/updated their Azure to AWS services comparison
  • LinkedIn have posted about Brooklin - their internal product (planned to be open sourced in 2018) for moving streaming data around and performing change data capture on source databases
  • Uber have posted about AthenaX their technology for running SQL analytics over streaming data using Flink
  • An interesting post from DB Engines on multi-model databases
  • Hortonworks have posted on how they test their Hadoop distribution
  • A post from Google on BigQuery, and how it’s separation of data and processing gives near linear scalability, comparing it’s performance to Impala, Spark, Hive and Presto
  • Cloudera have been looking at Azure Data Lake Store, concluding that [performance “compares favourably” to using network-attached Azure disk storage - link
  • And another benchmark - this time DataBricks claiming that Spark Structured Streaming is 5 times faster than Flink and Kafka Streams - link - UPDATE 2018-01-05: See dataArtisans response here
  • And finally, there’s a new security vulnerability in Solr - CVE-2017-12629 - a remote code execution issue