The Mid Week News - 22/11/2017 edit  

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for the news, and there’s big MapR and Microsoft Azure announcements this week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • Hadoop version 2.9 is out
  • The MiNiFi C++ version has seen a 0.3 release
  • Greenplum continues it’s regular release schedule with a 5.2 release
  • Hortonworks Cloudbreak has a 2.1 technical preview out with all new documentation
  • The Elasticsearch 6.0 details have been updated with a link to their blog post on the removal of mapping types
  • The Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.2 details have been updated with a link to the latest Cloudera blog post

Other technology news:

  • The MapR Converged Data Platform v6.0 is out - we’ll wait for the dust to settle a bit before updating the site - what’s new; ZDNet write-up
  • Microsoft’s big Connect event has thrown out a bunch of announcements:
    • Azure Databricks is a new service jointly developed with Databricks that brings Spark as a service as a first class citizen into Azure - we’ll look more at this in the coming weeks I think - link; link
    • Azure Cosmos DB (their NoSQL database) now supports an Apache Cassandra compatible API to join the existing SQL, Gemlin (Neo4j), MongoDB and Azure Table Store APIs - making it a true multi model database supporting wide column storage, graph, relational, document and key value store use cases - link
    • Azure Time Series Insights (TSI) - their time series databases has hit general availability - link
    • Azure Database for MariaDB has been announced in preview - link
    • ZDNet have a good write up - link
    • There’s also a summary from Microsoft themselves - link
  • From DZone - an introduction to Pulsar - link, the Kafka alternative from Yahoo
  • A view from Kognitio on why it’s not open source (although it can be used over Hadoop for free), and what their differentiators are - link
  • A good write up from the Knoldus blog (which is always good value for money) on the architecture of Apache Storm - link
  • Influx have announced IFQL - a new query language for InfluxDB - link
  • An introduction from Cloudera to Cloudera Data Science Workbench and Cloudera Altus - link