The Mid Week News - 22/11/2017 edit   discuss  

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for the news, and there’s big MapR and Microsoft Azure announcements this week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • Hadoop version 2.9 is out
  • The MiNiFi C++ version has seen a 0.3 release
  • Greenplum continues it’s regular release schedule with a 5.2 release
  • Hortonworks Cloudbreak has a 2.1 technical preview out with all new documentation
  • The Elasticsearch 6.0 details have been updated with a link to their blog post on the removal of mapping types
  • The Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.2 details have been updated with a link to the latest Cloudera blog post

Other technology news:

  • The MapR Converged Data Platform v6.0 is out - we’ll wait for the dust to settle a bit before updating the site - what’s new; ZDNet write-up
  • Microsoft’s big Connect event has thrown out a bunch of announcements:
    • Azure Databricks is a new service jointly developed with Databricks that brings Spark as a service as a first class citizen into Azure - we’ll look more at this in the coming weeks I think - link; link
    • Azure Cosmos DB (their NoSQL database) now supports an Apache Cassandra compatible API to join the existing SQL, Gemlin (Neo4j), MongoDB and Azure Table Store APIs - making it a true multi model database supporting wide column storage, graph, relational, document and key value store use cases - link
    • Azure Time Series Insights (TSI) - their time series databases has hit general availability - link
    • Azure Database for MariaDB has been announced in preview - link
    • ZDNet have a good write up - link
    • There’s also a summary from Microsoft themselves - link
  • From DZone - an introduction to Pulsar - link, the Kafka alternative from Yahoo
  • A view from Kognitio on why it’s not open source (although it can be used over Hadoop for free), and what their differentiators are - link
  • A good write up from the Knoldus blog (which is always good value for money) on the architecture of Apache Storm - link
  • Influx have announced IFQL - a new query language for InfluxDB - link
  • An introduction from Cloudera to Cloudera Data Science Workbench and Cloudera Altus - link