The Plan For This Week - 27/11/2017 edit  

So having (pretty much) finished my extended and rather more painful tidy up of what we’ve done so far, I’ve got a bunch of content to put live this week, before we move on to a brand new technology category next week.

For the record, the technology, technology vendor and technology category index pages are now part of the content site, meaning that these are now editable as per any other content page. They’ll be a bunch of changes to these going live this week.

I’ve also slightly changed the structure of technology category pages (and will do a similar thing for technology and technology vendor pages in due course). The description of these pages is now a meta description of the page rather than a summary of the technology category, with this moved down to be the initial text in the content.

Oh, add the draft banner has now moved to the left hand sidebar.

The content this week is coming from me digging through my old notes I made when planning the site, which includes a few technology summaries I did whilst planning what I wanted to do. We’ll stick these live this week, along with a bunch of updates to the technology category pages, and a new re-designed technology category index page.