The Mid Week News - 31/01/2018 edit  

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s news time…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Hortonworks have an update on YARN support for long running applications coming in Hadoop 3.1 - link
  • Something interesting from Gartner - some thoughts on the Data Warehouse, the Data Lake, and what roles each of them play in a larger logical data warehouse - link
  • An introduction to Apache Pulsar, the latest Kafka competitor - link
  • From Neo4J - a comparison of RDF Triple Stores and Labeled Property Graphs - link
  • Thoughts on Informatica’s entry to the cloud from Bloor - link
  • Grab yourself a free copy of the Apache NiFi For Beginners book from Hortonworks - link