The Mid Week News - 28/02/2018 edit  

News time again, and it’s a bit quieter than the monster last week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • DataTorrent (the authors of Apache Apex) have released version 3.1 of their DataTorrent DTS product, that looks like they’re expanding their product a bit - post1; post2; ZDNet view; Datanami view
  • Cloudera Atlus has a new Java SDK - link
  • Google Cloud Storage now offers strongly consistent object operations through the use of Spanner - I’ve got some updates to the site around object storage consistency I’ll put live shortly - link
  • A write up from Bloor on Snowflake DB - link
  • Thoughts on open source software and it’s impact on Big Data from Datanami - link
  • Looks like TigerGraph - the hybrid OLTP/OLAP massively scalable graph database - has launched it’s 2.0 platform. Thoughts from The Register and Datanami