The Week That Was - 02/03/2018 edit  

Ok, it’s been a while, but there’s been a bunch of (small) updates to the site, and it’s time to summarise. I’ve got a few more random updates next week, and then we’ll get back into a groove of new content.

Back to those updates, and they are, in no particular order…

  • Updated the MapR Converged Data Platform and associated technology pages for MapR 6.0 and MEP 4.0 and 4.1, including:
  • Added references to Apache Fluo, Omid and Tephra to the NoSQL Wide Column Stores technology category page - these are projects that add functionality on top of other NoSQL Wide Column Store databases.
  • Added a bunch of related technologies to the Compute Cluster Manager page
  • Added tech category links to Hadoop Distributions comparison page
  • Refreshed the technology pages for Cloudera Navigator and it’s sub-projects
  • Updates to reflect the rename of Apache Coral to Apache Nemo, including the Apache vendor page
  • Added references to Uno and Muchos to the Accumulo page
  • Added a list of Kafka management tools to the Kafka page
  • Added links to the Cloudera and Hortonworks documentation and product pages to a bunch of open source Hadoop related technology pages
  • Added Mnemonic to the data storage formats page
  • Refreshed the object stores page, and added Wasabi
  • Refreshed the add-on information on the CDH
  • Updated the Elasticsearch page with a link to blog entry from Sematext listing alternative add-ons to the Elastic X-Pack