The Mid Week News 02/05/2018 edit  

Wednesday is news day…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse is seen a major Generation 2 upgrade, it still uses Azure Blob Storage (decoupling compute from storage), but can now cache to local SSD disks, meaning performance is now on par with RedShift - link; ZDNet view
  • And while we’re talking about Cloud Analytical Databases - Datanami have an article on the growth of Google BigQuery - link
  • Thoughts from ZDNet on the maturity of Hadoop, including new features in Hadoop 3.x, Hortonworks DataPlane, IBM and Hortonworks pushing Atlas as a standard Enterprise metadata repository, and their new plans for ODPi
  • Dremio has a 2.0 version out - I’d not heard of this before but it’s worth a look if you want to be able to exploit data from multiple sources and create (and automatically materialise) derived tables - ZDNet link
  • Couple of interesting paper reviews from The Morning Papers this week
    • Firstly - Skyway, which allows objects to be moved directly between JVM heaps on different machines avoiding the need for serialisation and de-serialization in distributed systems, apparently delivering a 16% performance increase over Spark using Kyro - link
    • And secondly, and I love this sort of stuff - using the ASICs on network switches to deliver a co-ordination service (ala ZooKeeper) at ridiculous throughput and latency - link
  • There are a bunch of CVE vulnerabilities announced for Apache Tika - CVE-2018-1338; CVE-2018-1339; CVE-2018-1335