The Mid Week News 06/06/2018 edit  

It’s a bumper week this week as there was no news last week ‘cos I was on holiday! Lucky me. So here we go…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • ZDNet have a good summary of the upcoming Spark Summit - link
  • Cloudera have published their latest post on deploying CDH, this time looking at the cloud - link
  • Hortonworks have published their lastest post on Hadoop 3 looking at running Spark in Docker containers on Hadoop - link
  • And also from Hortonworks - their latest view on Data Steward Studio, part of the DataPlane Service - link
  • Amazon Neptune is now generally available - link; ZDNet view
  • TheRegister have a thought provoking piece on the rise of open source databases and what this means for Oracle - link
  • InfoQ have an interesting article on columnar databases, vectorisation and Apache Arrow - link
  • From ZDNet - how different data and analytics vendors are supporting GDPR - link
  • Databricks have announced Databricks Runtime 4.1 - link
  • It looks like Google have just acquired Cask - link
  • Confluent Cloud is now available on Google Cloud as well as AWS - link
  • And rounding us out, a munch of vulnerability announcements this week