The Mid Week News 13/06/2018 edit  

After a double bumper week last week, it’s a little quieter on the news front this week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Azure Blob Storage now supports soft deletes - link
  • If you’re into YARN, maybe a deep dive into the FairScheduler from Cloudera would be of interest - link
  • TheRegister has a story on SQream - purveyors of a GPU accelerated analytical database - and their latest funding round - link
  • From DZone, monitoring Apache Kafka using Burrow - link
  • It looks like Cloudera pulled RecordService from public view at the end of last year - the website and all GitHub repos have gone, replaced with a holding link saying it’s in development
  • Hortonworks have an interview on Data Lifecycle Manager, one of the services currently supported by Hortonworks DataPlane Service - link