The Mid Week News 20/06/2018 edit  

Strap yourself in, here’s the news…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Hortonworks have announced HDP 3.0, due out Q3 2018 - announcement; Datanami; ZDNet; The Register
  • Azure Blob Storage now has immutable storage support and lifecycle management in public preview - link; link
  • Always interesting - from Datanami, with reference from Hortonworks - does open source make software more secure - link
  • Elastic, on how they do one click rolling upgrades with their Elastic Cloud - link
  • From ZDNet, an update on Teradata, and how restructuring their offerings and moving to the cloud is paying off - link
  • More from Hortonworks on Hadoop 3.1 - this time their experiences on running Hive LLAP as a YARN service - link
  • From The Morning Paper - a deep dive on Medea, a scheduler with optimisations for long running applications now built into YARN in Hadoop 3.1 - link
  • GridGain have announced GridGain cloud, based on Apache Ignite - link