The Mid Week News 04/07/2018 edit   discuss  

ok - time for the news again…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Hortonworks have the latest in their long set of posts on Hadoop 3.x - this time on federated name nodes - link
  • Google have announced a NAS storage offering - Google Cloud Filestore - link; The Register
  • There’s a new Apache incubator proposal - this time for Doris, and MPP interative SQL data warehouse built on Apache Impala with a storage layer inspired by Google Mesa that’s come from Baidu where it was known as Palo - link
  • MapR have starting talking about version 6.1 of the MapR Data Platform - link1; link2; Datanami view
  • And a couple of big updates for Azure
  • IDC have their latest object storage marketscape out - link
  • And Matt Turck has his 2018 Big and AI Landscape out - well worth a read - link