The Mid Week News 12/09/2018 edit  

Can I help you? You’re here for the news? Let’s crack on then…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • None this week

Other technology news:

  • The big news this week is Hortonworks Open Hybrid Architecture Initiative, and I’ll do a post soon to dig into this a big more - link; Datanami view; ZDNet view
  • Hortonworks have anther post on their new new Kafka monitoring and management solution called Hortonworks Streams Messaging Manager, part of their DataPlane offering - link
  • And on the subjects of Hortonworks DataPlane, they also seem to have snuck out a new module - Data Analytics Studio - link
  • Netflix have a blog on Keystone - their streaming analytics architecture - link
  • From Datanami, and interview with the CEO of Mindbreeze on insight engines - link
  • Amazon S3 Select (server side filtering of data) now supports Parquet, CSV, JSON and BZIP2 - link
  • From Confluent - building a streaming data ingestion architecture using Kafka, Kafka Connect and KSQL - link
  • Azure HDInsight has a bunch of new capabilities - link
  • From ZDNet - Google can now find you datasets - link
  • We had the Datanami view last week, this week it’s The Registers view on the latest Gartner Hype Cycle - link