The Mid Week News 19/09/2018 edit  

There’s some new content coming this week, but in the mean time lets check in with the news…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Datanami have their 2018 Readers and Editors awards out - link
  • Hortonworks have formally announced their new Data Analytics Studio model for DataPlane - []
  • Looks like Streamsets (makes of StreamSets Data Collector have raised some more money - link
  • Qubole have published their 2018 Big Data Trends and Challenges Survery Report, with Flink and Presto apparently seeing a big increase in uptake - link; Datanami view
  • Databricks have a post on Flint, a time-series library for Spark - link
  • Confluent have another blog post on how Kafka and streaming pipelines are going to revolutionise ETL - link
  • It looks like Hortonworks HDCloud for AWS has been quietly dropped with their new Cloudbreak powered multi-cloud strategy with the documentation now gone