The Mid Week News 26/09/2018 edit  

The news is looking a bit deeper this week, so let’s dive in…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Apache Pulsar has graduated to a top level Apache project - link
  • Looks like Cloudera have a new cloud service (Workload XM) for getting insights into your Cloudera Spark, MapReduce and Impala workloads - product page; docs
  • Facebook have open sourced LogDevice (a distributed data store for sequential data) as promise - link; homepage
  • This is potentially interesting - Couchbase have bolted an Analytics Service onto the side of their database based on AsterixDB and SQL++ that supports analytical queries over JSON data - link; Datanami view
  • Hortonworks have a guide on upgrading your Hadoop cluster to Hadoop 3 - link
  • From ZDNet - on graph databases, and specifcally TigerGraph and Memgraph (winner and runner up for Most Disruptive Startup at Strata) - link
  • Benchmark time! According to Fivetran, Azure SQL Data Warehouse is faster than Redhift, Snowflake, Presto and BigQuery - link; Microsoft view
  • Big bunch of updates from Microsoft
  • And from Google, Data Studio and Cloud Dataprep are now generally available - link