The Mid Week News 31/10/2018 edit  

ok - let’s do this week’s news…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Following on from our thinking on Kubernetes, Confluent have a post on running Kafka on Kubernetes - link
  • From InfoQ, an interview on HDSight - link
  • Dremio 3.0 is out and ZDNet have a write up - link
  • From Datanami, it looks like there’s a bot out targeting unsecured Hadoop clusters - link
  • Still more on the Cloudera Hortonworks merger, this time Datanami looking at the product roadmap - link
  • Pinot, the Open source realtime distributed OLAP datastore from LinkedIn, has been accepted into the Apache Incubator -
  • IoTDB (a new massive scale IoT time series DB) and Sharding Sphere (middleware for distributed databases) have both been submitted to the Apache Incubator - IoTDB; ShardingSphere
  • Apache Impala has two security announcements (fixed in 3.0.1) - CVE-2018-11785 and CVE-2018-11792
  • More from Data Artisans on stateful processing with Apache Flink - link