The Mid Week News 07/11/2018 edit  

No technology updates this week, but a bunch of news…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • None this week

Other technology news:

  • From Hortonworks - Hadoop is thriving! link
  • And again from Hortonworks - more on their Open Hybrid Artitecture - link
  • From Cloudera, how to protect yourself from the recent Hadoop malware attacks (and how trivially easy this is with Altus obviously) - link
  • From Google, an intro to Cloud DataProc - their Hadoop as a service offering - link
  • And again from Google - a comparison of object stores and HDFS - link
  • From Datanami - RockSet, a new SQL cloud service with automatic ingest and indexing of data, including streaming data, has emerged from stelth - link
  • And again from Datanami, there’s a new major version of Dremio out, and I’m hoping to do a tech summary on this shortly - link
  • I’m not sure where I came across this, but I’ve added LeoFS to our object stores page - link
  • Amazon Redshift is now 3.5x faster! link
  • From Databricks, you can now do pivots in Spark SQL - link
  • DZone have a RefCard on temporal support in Oracle, SQL Server and MariaDB - link