The Mid Week News 14/11/2018 edit  

It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for the news again…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • MapR have announced their Clarity program aimed as disaffected Cloudera and Hortonworks clusters - link; Datanami view
  • Uber have a great article on the evolution of their 100+ Petabyte Big Data Platform - link; InfoQ view
  • Airbnb have a post on how they use Apache Druid - link
  • Netflix have donated Iceberg - their on disk structured table store to the Apache foundation - link
  • And on the subject of Druid - how to configure it to use Minio (and more generally any object store) for deep storage - link
  • MapR have started a series on scale out multi-purpose data platforms (any why theirs is the best) - link
  • RedHat have announced AMQ Streams - a Kafka distribution that runs on OpenShift - link; Datanmi view
  • Apache Kafka now supports 200K partitions per cluster - link
  • First of a few from Datanami - a view on Cloud Warehouses - link
  • And also from Datanami - Talend have brought Stitch - link
  • Azure Event Hubs now has a Kafka compatible end point API - link
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse has a bunch of new features out - link; row level security blog
  • And we close with a couple of Apache Hive security announcements - CVE-2018-11777: Blocking local resource access in HiveServer2 and CVE-2018-1314: Hive explain query not being authorized