The Mid Week News 12/12/2018 edit  

Apologies for the radio silence - I’ve been ill. But to make up for it, it’s a monster bumper news this week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Some Apache Incubator updates
    • Quickstep (a high performance database engine) has been retired from the incubator due to lack of activity
    • Iceberg (the file based table store) from Netflix and IoTDB (a time series db) have both been accepted into the Incubator
    • Griffen (the Data Quality Service platform built on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark) has graduated
  • Hortonworks have a blog post on Ambari 2.7 and why it’s great (months after it’s release) -
  • Elasticsearch now supports Kubernetes deployments, with Helm charts available from Elastic - link
  • Hortonworks have more on their cloud journey for Hadoop and HDP - link
  • Microsoft have more features announced for Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 - link
  • Also from Microsoft, a comprehensive guide for the Information they’ve published on HDInsight - link
  • Amazon have a monster pile of AWS announcements:
  • And from Azure this week, you can now get MariaDB as a manged service - link
  • RedHat have acquired NooBaa - an object storage solution - link
  • More from Hortonworks on Ozone - link
  • From Datanami - an article on Pachydern, an interesting alternative to Hadoop - link
  • Samza 1.0 is out - link; ZDNet
  • From Datanami - looks like Cloudera have a new ML platform coming - link