The Mid Week News 19/12/2018 edit  

Right - the last news before Christmas. We’ll be back in the new year - hope you all have a lovely holiday (whatever you’re doing)…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • It’s in the HDP 3.1 and HDF 3.3 release links, but we’ll call this out separately. As part of these releases, you can now run Hive and Druid queries over Kafka queues - link
  • And again from Hortonworks - when to use HBase vs Hive vs Druid - link
  • And one more from Hortonworks - Hive (LLAP + Tez) is now twice as fast as part of HDP 3.0 due to support for materialized views, SQL constraints, query result caching and vectorization - link
  • Under the covers with MapR Converged Data PlatformapR - link
  • From ZDNet - the rise of Kubernetes for Big Data, and thoughts on Ozone and the Hortonworks Open Data Initiative - link
  • From Cloudera, tracking and assesing Apache Impala performance - link
  • GraphIt - a new DSL for specifying graph algorithms that delivers huge performance increases - Datanami; The Morning Paper
  • From Juku.IT - thoughts on Amazon Output - their new hybrid cloud - link
  • This is worth reading from InfoQ - will Cloud Computing Kill Open Source - does the use of open source software by the big cloud providers without contributing back destroy the commercial models for investing in open source - link
  • And on the same note, Confluence have updated the licence for their open source Confluent Open Source components to prevent provisioning of them as a service - link
  • From ZDNet - IBM have a new multi-cloud strategy - link
  • Last one from Hortonworks today - mounting storage inside YARN containers using CNCF Container Storage Interface (csi) drivers - link
  • Arrow has a new expression compiler and execution kernel - link
  • YugaByte DB (a multi-model db), and running Presto queries over it - link