The Mid Week News 23/01/2019 edit  

Right, time for the news again…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Hudi, which we looked at recently, and was only submitted to the Apache Incubator two weeks ago has now entered incubation - link
  • I’d not considered this before, but Alluxio have a post on using Alluxio/Tachyon (but would equally apply to other in memory Hadoop Compatible Filesystems) to reduce the performance impact of using object stores or remote (cloud) storage - link
  • From from Datanami on 2019 Big Data trends - link
  • Bloor have their latest Graph and RDF database market update out -link
  • From ZDNet, looks like MariaDB now have a unified product supporting both AX analytics and TX transactional nodes under a common database engine - link
  • From The Register, an update on Teradata, their strategy and new CEO - link
  • From The Morning Papers - SageDB, a database “where learned models pervade every aspect of a database system” - link
  • From Confluent - testing Kafka Streams - link