The Mid Week News 27/02/2019 edit  

Right, we’ve back from our short break, so let’s catch up on the news…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Azure have new announcements relating to their Data Services, including Azure Data Explorer (now added to our Azure vendor page) - link
  • Forrester have a new Cloud Hadoop/Spark Platforms Wave out (now included in our Hadoop Distributions page), and Cloudera are crowing about their position - Forrester; Cloudera
  • From the Apache Flink blog - Blink, a fork from Alibaba that improves batch processing performance that’s being folded back in - link
  • More from the Apache Flink blog - best practices in monitoring - link
  • There’s some stuff doing the rounds on the success of Apache Arrow - Apache; ZDNet
  • DB-Engines (the great database ranking site), has updated the way it handles multi-model databases - link
  • From InfoQ, a presentation from WePay on their use of Debezium to stream MySQL database changes into Google BigQuery - link
  • Amazon have been doing some work so that Spark better handles node loss - link
  • LinkedIn have a writeup from their community event on the future of Hadoop - link
  • Qlik have aquired Attunity - ZDNet
  • Google have acquired Alooma - Google; Datanami; The Register
  • Uber have open sourced AresDB, a “GPU-Powered Open Source, Real-time Analytics Engine”, now included in out Analytical Databases list - link
  • Solr has a CVE advisory out - CVE-2017-3164 - SSRF issue in Apache Solr