The Mid Week News 13/03/2019 edit  

Roll up for this weeks news…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • This is the big news of the week - AWS have forked Elasticsearch (although they claim it’s not a fork) as the Open Distro for Elasticsearch, and have added in a bunch of altering, SQL, security, audit and fine-grained access control features - homepage
  • From ZDNet, and excellent article on standardisation coming to Graph and RDF - link
  • Starburst (the commercial product based on Presto) has a new major release - link
  • Via DZone, a pretty good article (because it doesn’t talk about features) on choosing between Solr and Elasticsearch - link
  • Datanami has a couple of blogs on Spark and why it’s been successful and is growing - link; link
  • Solr has a new vulnerabliity - CVE-2019-0192
  • Azure Premium Blob Storage is in public preview - link
  • Couple of updates from the Hue blog - Impala query explain plans and troubleshooting and Hue in Docker
  • And finally, from the Flink blog, how to integrate Flink and Prometheus - link