The Mid Week News 17/04/2019 edit  

Tick tock, tick tock - it’s time for the news again, and there’s a big bunch of announcements this week…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • Cloudera Flow Management and Cloudera Edge Management (part of the new Cloudera DataFlow, nee HDF) are now generally available - link
  • Also from Cloudera, an update on Workload XM, and it’s beautiful visualisations of Spark jobs - link
  • There’s a bunch of stuff out of the recent Google NEXT conference (thanks to longtime friend of the site Jeff for the heads-up) - announcement; Datanami view
    • Cloud Data Fusion (beta) - a managed version of Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) - an open source framework for building data analytic applications, which Google acquired back in May 2018
    • Big Query BI Engine (beta) - in memory analysis service that accelerates query response times from BigQuery for Looker, Google Data Studio, and Google Sheets
    • Connected Sheets (beta) - ability to access BigQuery through Google Sheets
    • Data Catalog (beta) - managed metadata management service
  • ZDNet have a couple of good summaries of the open source partnership announcements at Google NEXT, including their thoughts on what this means for open source - link; link
  • Datanami have a story on a new high performance massively parallel in memory graph database from Cray alumni called Trovares xGT - link