The Mid Week News 24/04/2019 edit  

It’s a light week for the news, but let’s have a quick look anyway…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • None this week

Other technology news:

  • ODBMS Industry Watch has an interview with Merv Adrian of Gartner on his views of the current database market, Hadoop and the Cloud - link
  • An nice deeply technical blog post from the Pravega team on how it provides performant support for events of any size - link
  • From Cloudera - fine grained access control on Impala over Kudu - link
  • From the Knoldus blog - are Knowledge Graphs (see our Graph Databases tech category) the future of Data Lakes - links
  • Microsoft have open sourced Data Accelerator for Apache Spark, a tool for simplifying creating streaming pipelines - link
  • Google have a bunch of updates they’ve announced for Google Cloud DataProc - link
  • From Elastic, what’s new in Lucene 8 - link
  • From DataBricks, using Spark with S3 Select - link