The Mid Week News 12/06/2019 edit  

Time for the weekly news again. Remember, you can get daily news updates from our twitter feed (@OnDataEng)…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

Other technology news:

  • From Datanami - looks like both Tom Reilly and Mike Olson will be retiring from Cloudera this summer - link
  • Qubole have a new serverless Presto offering out called Quantum - pay per query and let them manage the Presto cluster - link
  • Interested in Hadoop Ozone - the project has a new blog post on on securing it - link
  • Cloudera have a bunch of performance metrics out relating to Erasure Coding in HDFS - link
  • From Datanami, an excellent article on the current state of the Hadoop market, and in particular Cloudera and MapR - link
  • Bloor have a new paper out on TestDataManagement, looking at the different methodologies - link