The Mid Week News 19/06/2019 edit  

Once again with the weekly news - will it ever stop! Remember, you can get daily news updates from our twitter feed (@OnDataEng)…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • Apache Atlas 1.2 is out with a bunch of minor updates to the 1.x line. 2.0 came out last month if you’re looking for the latest version
  • Amazon EMR 5.24 is out, with new versions of Flink, Presto, and Hue and Spark performance improvements
  • Apache Bigtop 1.4 is out, with an Hadoop bump to 2.8.5 and a new integration test framework

Other technology news:

  • From Datanami - Attunity and WANdiscoLiveMigrator, and how they can help you migrate your data to the cloud - link
  • GridGain, commercial vendors for Apache Ignite, now includes an Hadoop Data Lake Accelerator in their commercial products, giving in memory bi-directional caching of your Hadoop data - link
  • Datanami have some thoughts on Qubole Quantum, their new serverless query engine based on Presto - link
  • Starburst have announced that Presto how supports Databricks Delta, the newly open sourced data storage for Spark and Hadoop that supports ACID transactions - link
  • MapR have an update (that doesn’t say anything particularly new) on their financial situation - link
  • From Datanami, how Teradata has moved from hardware to software, and from perpetual licences to subscription licences - link
  • From Solutions Review, a summary of Gartner’s recent cool vendors for Data Management (DataDDO, DataKitchen, Panoply) - link
  • Databricks have announced Databricks Connect, a library that allows seamless execution of Spark code into notebooks, IDEs and custom apps, with execution happening on a remote cluster - link
  • From ZDNet, Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Blob Storage are now both supported by Okera if you’re looking for more granular data acccess controls - link