The Mid Week News 03/07/2019 edit  

News time again! Quieter this week. Remember, you can get daily news updates from our twitter feed (@OnDataEng)…

Technology updates (details are on the relevant technology pages):

  • Alluxio 2.0 is out if you’re looking for a distributed analytics storage layer / cache
  • Apache Druid 0.15 is out if you’re looking for real time OLAP / star schema queries on real time data
  • Scality RING 8 is out - object storage with support for hybrid cloud

Other technology news:

  • From Datanami - entity resolution and Senzing. If you haven’t heard of either it’s well worth a read - link
  • From ZDnet - an update on data catalogs, and specifically Waterline Data - link
  • Matt Turck has his 2019 Data & AI thoughts out, along with his technology landscape picture that’s always worth a look - part 1; part 2
  • Interested in a deep dive on the Apache Kylin OLAP engine - their blog has you covered - link