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Our list of and information on commercial, open source and cloud based time series databases and associated technologies, including OpenTSDB, Druid, InfluxDB, MachBase and alternatives to these

Category Definition

Databases optimised for storing very large numbers of metrics and allowing these to be aggregated and analysed. Metrics are usually organised by measurements or metric names and one or more tags (e.g. to represent a server or instance). Many implement their own data storage layers, however many also run over external databases, typically NoSQL Wide Column Stores. Use cases traditionally focus on monitoring infrastructure and applications or more recently IoT use cases, but analytics over any timestamped data is fair game.

Further Information

DB Engines maintain a list of time series databases along with their current popularity: https://db-engines.com/en/ranking/time+series+dbms

From Steven Acreman on the Outlyer blog, a review of Time Series Databases from August 2016, some interesting thoughts, and a detailed analysis Google spreadsheet: https://blog.outlyer.com/top10-open-source-time-series-databases

Open Source over external data stores

OpenTSDBTime Series DB that runs over Apache HBase
KairosDBFork of OpenTSDB that runs over Apache Cassandra - https://kairosdb.github.io/
ChronixTime Series DB that runs over Apache Solr - http://www.chronix.io/
HeroicTime Series DB from Spotify based on Bigtable/Cassandra, and Elasticsearch - https://github.com/spotify/heroic
BluefloodTime Series DB over Cassandra from Rackspace - http://blueflood.io/
Warp 10Geo Time Series DB that also geo co-ordinates and/or elevation alongside timestamps that runs over HBase and Kafka - http://www.warp10.io/
NewtsTime Series DB over Cassandra - http://opennms.github.io/newts/

Open Source using custom storage

RRDtoolOpen source data logging and graphing for time series data, originally created in 1999 - https://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/
DruidRuns over HDFS/S3 and supports real time aggregations of streaming data
DalmatinerDBHigh performance Time Series DB written in Erlang and based on Riak Core that runs over ZFS - https://dalmatiner.io/
Apache IoTDBTime series database focusing on IoT use cases - https://iotdb.apache.org/
BeringeiIn memory Time Series DB from Facebook - https://github.com/facebookincubator/beringei
AtlasIn memory Time Series DB from Netflix - https://github.com/Netflix/atlas/wiki/Overview
SiriDBOpen source Time Series DB - http://siridb.net/
AkumuliC++ Time Series DB that can be used as an embedded library - http://akumuli.org/
GnocchiOpen source Time Series DB that was spun off from the OpenStack Ceilometer project - http://gnocchi.xyz/

Commercial Open Source

InfluxDBImplemented in Go, with commercial and cloud versions also available
AxibaseTime Series DB built on HDFS, with a commercial Enterprise edition available - https://axibase.com/
Riak TS Time Series DB built on the core of Riak KV, and available in a number of commercial editions - http://basho.com/products/riak-ts/
TimescaleDBPlugin to PostgreSQL to add time series data storage - https://www.timescale.com/
RedisTimeSeriesAdd on module to Redis to add support for time series data - https://oss.redislabs.com/redistimeseries

Commercial Closed Source

MachBaseCommercial Time Series DB previously known as InfiniFlux - http://www.infiniflux.com/machbase/
KDB+Time Series DB from KX Systems that used heavily in financial organisations - https://kx.com/discover/#time-series-database

Cloud Services

Azure Time Series InsightsStorage, analytics and visualisation service for time series data - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/time-series-insights/

Monitoring Stacks (open source)

The following stacks support monitoring infrastructure and applications, with connectors to import metrics from a number of sources:

GraphiteThree tier stack consisting of Whisper (simple time series database, graphite-web (a graph/dashboard UI) and Carbon (for ingestion of data)- https://graphiteapp.org/
PrometheusOpen source monitoring solution that includes a time series database and alerting; part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation - https://prometheus.io/
HawkularOpen source monitoring solution over Cassandra with alerting and visualisation capabilities, backed by RedHat - http://www.hawkular.org/
NetDataLocal in memory metrics dashboards for monitoring servers and applications, with the ability to forward metrics to downstream time series dbs - https://my-netdata.io/
IcingaCommercial support available - https://www.icinga.com/

Monitoring Stacks (as a service)

If you’re looking for a time series database to handle monitoring and management of infrastructure and applications, there are also a number of cloud based services you could consider:

AWS CloudWatchCollects and tracks metrics for AWS services, with support for custom metrics - https://aws.amazon.com/cloudwatch/
VMWare Wavefronthttps://www.wavefront.com/
VividCortexSpecialist database performance metrics monitoring - https://www.vividcortex.com/
CirconusAlso available for installation on premises - https://www.circonus.com
DatadogAvailable for free for up to 5 hosts - https://www.datadoghq.com/

IoT Stacks

TempoIQCommercial IoT collection, storage and analytics service - https://www.tempoiq.com/
SiteWhereCommercial open source IoT platform built over MongoDB/HBase/InfluxDB - http://www.sitewhere.org/ / http://www.sitewhere.com/

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