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Cloudera is a commercial company focusing on offerings based around an Apache Hadoop distribution that's supplemented with a number of commercial components, distributed as a free express version (with cut down versions of some of the commercial components), and as an enterprise version with an annual subscription fee. They are extreemly active in the Apache open source space, with committers on all the technologies they distribute, and with a history of donating projects to the Apache Foundation that they have either initiated or acquired. Formed in 2008 by ex-employees from Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Oracle, with Doug Cutting, the original author of Hadoop, joining in 2009 as Chief Architect.

Vendor Technologies

Cloudera’s offerings are based around CDH, their distribution of Apache Hadoop, which includes a number of commercial components including Cloudera Manager (for creating and managing clusters), Cloudera Navigator (a data management and encryption solution) and Cloudera Director (for installing CDH on cloud based platforms).

Cloudera also offer Cloudera Data Science Workbench, a docker powered analytics notebook, and Cloudera Altus, a managed service for running a number of Hadoop workloads in the cloud.

The Cloudera technologies for managing metadata, data governance and security are collectively referred to as the Cloudera Shared Data Experience (SDX), as they enable multiple workloads to run over a shared set of data on a Cloudera Hadoop cluster. Cloudera also provide an SDX Cloud Reference Architecture (which describes how to implement a shared metadata, data governance and security layer when using transient Hadoop clusters in the cloud), and have baked this into Cloudera Altus as Altus SDX.

Cloudera have donated a number of projects to the Apache Foundation, including Flume, Sqoop, Avro, Parquet, Crunch, Sentry, Impala, Kudu and Livy, and have a number of non-Apache open source projects including RecordService, Hue, Kite and Llama.


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