Google Cloud Platform edit  

A cloud computing service operated by Google, with support for infrastructure, storage, databases and analytics services. First services were available in preview in April 2008.

Vendor Information

Other NamesGoogle

Infrastructure Services

Google Compute EngineVirtual servers -
Google Kubernetes EngineKubernetes cluster service -
Google Persistent DiskBlock storage for virtual machines -

Storage Services

Google FilestoreNetwork storage, mountable on multiple machines over NFS, available in beta -
Google Cloud StorageObject store service with strong consistency, multiple storage tiers and deep integration to the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Compute Services

Google Cloud FunctionsServerless code execution service -

Database Services

Google Cloud DataprocHadoop service, with support for MapReduce, Spark, Pig and Hive
Google Cloud SpannerHorizontally scalable relational database for transaction processing -
Google Cloud SQLManaged database service, with support for MySQL and PostgreSQL -
Google Big QueryAnalytical SQL database service -
Google Cloud BigtableNoSQL wide column store service -
Google Cloud DatastoreNoSQL document store service -
Google Cloud MemorystoreNoSQL key value store service, compatible with the Redis protocol -

Analytics Services

Google DatalabWeb based data exploration and analysis tool based on Jupyter -
Google Data StudioDrag and drop reporting and dashboarding tool -

Streaming Data Services

Google Cloud Pub/SubReal time message and streaming data service with “at least once” delivery -
Google Cloud DataflowBatch and streaming data flow service based on Apache Beam -

Data Integration Services

Google Cloud Data Fusion (beta)Data integration service based on Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) -
Google Cloud DataprepData preparation service for “visually exploring, cleaning, and preparing structured and unstructured data for analysis” based on Trifacta -
Google Cloud ComposerOrchestration service based on Apache Airflow

Other Services

Google Cloud Data Catalog (beta)Managed metadata service -

Machine Learning Services

Google Cloud Machine Learning EngineMachine learning service based on TensorFlow -
Google Machine Learning ServicesSuite of machine learning services including video, image, speech and text analysis -