Microsoft Azure edit  

A cloud computing service operated by Microsoft, with support for infrastructure, storage, databases and analytics services, available in 34 geographical regions. Announced in Otober 2008, with first services available in February 2010. Previously known as Windows Azure.

Vendor Information

Other NamesAzure

Infrastructure Services

Azure Virtual MachinesVirtual servers with support for a range of operating systems and pre-build images, and for management at scale (Virtual Machine Scale Sets) -
Azure Kubernetes ServiceKubernetes container service -
Azure Disk StoragePersistent disk storage to support virtual machines -

Storage Services

Azure FilesNetwork storage, mountable on multiple machines over REST and SMB -
Azure Blob StorageHighly scalable and resilient object storage
Azure Data Lake StoreMassively scalable HDFS compatible filesystem as a service, based on Microsoft’s Cosmos technology

Compute Services

Azure FunctionsService for executing arbitrary code in response to a trigger or timer -
Azure BatchService for executing batch jobs across a pool of compute servers -

Database Services

Azure HDInsightHadoop service based on HDP
Azure SQL DatabaseScalable relational database -
Azure SQL Database EdgeRelational database optimised for running at the edge -
Azure Analysis ServicesSQL Server Analysis Services as a service -
Azure Database for MySQLMySQL as a service -
Azure Database for PostgreSQLPostgreSQL as a service -
Azure Database for MariaDBMariaDB as a service, currently in preview -
Azure SQL Data WarehouseScalable analytical database -
Azure Redis CacheRedis as a service -
Azure Table StorageA NoSQL wide column store service -
Azure Cosmos DBMassively scalable, low latency multi-model (key-value, graph, wide column and document) NoSQL database, previously known as Azure DocumentDB -
Azure SearchSearch service -

Analytics Services

Azure Data ExplorerAd-hoc analytics service -
Azure Data Lake AnalyticsMassively parallel analytics job service, with support for U-SQL, R, Python, and .NET -
Azure Data CatalogA metadata catalog service -
Azure Time Series InsightsStorage, analytics and visualisation service for time series data -
Azure Log AnalyticsStorage, analytics and analytics service for log data -
Azure DatabricksSpark as a service jointly developed with Databricks, currently in preview -

Streaming Data Services

Azure Event HubsElastic service for the buffering and publishing of streaming event data with a Kafka compatible end point -
Azure Stream AnalyticsService for querying streams of data using a SQL like language -

Data Integration Services

Azure Data FactoryData ingestion as a service -
Azure SchedulerScheduling as a service -

Machine Learning Services

Azure Machine LearningMachine learning service -
Azure Cognitive ServicesSuite of services including vision, speech and text analysis -