Apache Aurora edit  

A service scheduler for defining and managing bundled tasks as jobs across a cluster of servers using Mesos, leveraging Mesos for resource allocation and isolation at the task level. Operates as a Mesos framework, a Python based domain specific language (DSL) for job template definition, an executor for carrying out the workload described in the DSL, an associated command line interface for schedule management and a web interface providing read-only status of jobs and associated diagnostic information. Defines a fine-grained task state model to support resource allocation, rolling upgrades, health checking, priority-based scheduling and application maintenance. Handles cross-cutting concerns like observability and log collection. Supports priority-based scheduling, using pre-emption so that when resources are low, lower priority jobs can be stopped to make room for the higher priority tasks. An Apache project, originally created at Twitter, donated to the Apache Foundation in October 2013, graduating in March 2015 (0.8.0 Released). Hasn't yet reached a v1.0 milestone, however still under development from a range of contributors.

Technology Information

Other NamesAurora
VendorsThe Apache Software Foundation
TypeOpen Source - Active
Last UpdatedJuly 2017 - v0.18

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