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Data serialisation framework that supports both messaging and data storage. Primarily uses a compact binary format but also supports a JSON format. Supports a range of data structures (including records, enumerations, arrays and maps) with APIs for a wide range of both static and dynamically typed languages. Schema based, with schemas primarily specified in JSON, and support for both code generation from schema definitions as well as dynamic runtime usage. Schemas are serialised alongside data, with support for automatic schema resolution if the schema used to read the data differs from that used to write it. Started as an Hadoop sub-project by Cloudera in April 2009, with an initial v1.0 release in July 2009, before becoming a top level Apache project in May 2010. Has seen significant adoption in the Hadoop ecosystem.

Technology Information

Other NamesAvro
VendorsThe Apache Software Foundation
TypeCommercial Open Source
Last UpdatedMay 2019 - v1.9

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Is packaged byCloudera CDH

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