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An Apache open source distribution of Hadoop. Packages up a number of Apache Hadoop components, certifies their interoperability using an automated integration test suite, and packages them up as RPMs/DEBs packages for most flavours of Linux. Also includes virtual machine images and vagrant, docker and puppet recipes for deploying and working with Hadoop. Does not patch projects for distribution, but requires any fixes to be made upstream. An Apache Open Source project, started by Cloudera, donated to the Apache foundation in June 2011, graduating in September 2012, with a 1.0 release in August 2015 based on Hadoop 2.6. Since donating the project, Cloudera have backed away from it, with the project lead moving to Pivotal in December 2013. Now has a broad range of contributors, however usage by the major distributors is not clear.

Technology Information

Other NamesBigtop
VendorsThe Apache Software Foundation
CategoriesHadoop Distributions
TypeOpen Source - Active
Last UpdatedJune 2019 - v1.4

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Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
0.527th Dec 2012blog postfirst release as TLP
0.622nd June 2013blog post 
0.76th Nov 2013blog post 
0.86th Oct 2014blog post 
1.017th Aug 2015blog postbased on Hadoop 2.6
1.117th Feb 2016blog post 
1.22017-03-30 added Flink, Tajo, Apex, QFS and GPDB; 1.2.1 patch released
1.32018-11-26blog postHadoop 2.8.1
1.42019-06-17blog postHadoop 2.8.5 and a new integration test framework


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