MiNiFi edit  

Lightweight headless version of NiFi used to collect and process data at it's source, before forwarding it on for centralised processing. Supports all key NiFi functionality including all NiFi processors, guaranteed delivery, data buffering (including back pressure and pressure release) and prioritised queuing, however flows are specified in configuration files, status information and statistics are only available via Reporting Tasks or via a CLI, and provenance can only be viewed by exporting events via Reporting Tasks to log files or a full NiFi instance. Supports warm re-deployments, automatically restarting to load a new configuration written to disk or pushed or pulled over HTTP. Available as a Java or Native C++ executable. Started in March 2016, with a 0.1 release in December 2016.

Technology Information

Parent ProjectApache NiFi
Last UpdatedMarch 2019 - v0.5 (Java) v0.6 (C++)

Related Technologies

Is packaged byHortonworks DataFlow

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
0.2 (C++)2017-05-11summary 
0.2 (Java)2017-05-18summary 
0.3 (C++)2017-11-30summary 
0.3 (Java)2017-12-22summary 
0.4 (C++)2018-01-27summary 
0.4 (Java)2018-01-22summary 
0.5 (C++)2018-06-06summary 
0.5 (Java)2018-07-07summary 
0.6 (C++)2019-03-22summary 

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