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Framework for hosting long running distributed applications on YARN, allowing YARN to manage the resources these applications use. Can handle any application that supports a base set of requirements (including being able to install and run from a tarball), with experimental support for docker packaged applications. Operates as a YARN application master (the Slider AM), an associated command line interface and lightweight agents to manage running components. Supports manual scaling, automatic recovery, rolling upgrades and component placement controls, and includes out of the box configuration for a number of applications including Accumulo, HBase, Kafka, Memcached, Solr, Storm and Tomcat. Originally donated to the Apache Foundation in April 2014 based on the Hortonworks Hoya (HBase on YARN) project, and subsequently consumed the DataTorrent Koya (Kafka on YARN) project. Retired before graduating in May 2018 following the plan to add support for long running services directly into YARN under YARN-4692.

Technology Information

Other NamesSlider
VendorsThe Apache Software Foundation
TypeOpen Source - Inactive
Last UpdatedJune 2018 - v0.92

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