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A search server built on Apache Lucene with a REST-like API for loading and searching data. Supports a distributed deployment (SolrCloud) that can run over HDFS on an Hadoop cluster. Includes an administration web interface, an extensible plugin architecture, support for schemaless indexing, faceted, grouped and clustered results, hit highlighting, geo-spacial and graph searches, near real time indexing and searching, (experimental) streaming expressions for parallel compute (including support for MapReduce and SQL) and broad authentication and security capabilities. A sub-project of the Apache Lucene project, originally donated to the Apache foundation by CNET Networks in January 2006, graduating as a top level project in January 2007, before merging with the Lucene project in March 2010. Java based, with commercial support available as part of most Hadoop distributions (although this is bundled as Cloudera Search with CDH and HDP Search with HDP), as well as from Lucidworks.

Technology Information

Other NamesSolr
VendorsThe Apache Software Foundation, Lucidworks
TypeCommercial Open Source
Last UpdatedJuly 2019 - v8.2

Related Technologies

Is packaged byApache Bigtop, Hortonworks Data Platform Search, Cloudera Search

Release History

versionrelease daterelease linksrelease comment
6.42017-01-23announcement; Solr ‘n Stuff summary 
6.52017-03-27announcement; Solr ‘n Stuff summary 
6.62017-06-06announcement; Solr ‘n Stuff summary 
7.02017-09-20announcement; Solr ‘n Stuff summary 
7.12017-10-17announcement; Solr ‘n Stuff summary 
7.22017-12-21announcement; Solr ‘n Stuff summary 
7.32018-04-04news; announcement 
7.42018-06-27news; announcement 
7.52018-09-24news; announcement 


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