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Web based tool for interactive exploration for OLAP style data, supporting interactive drag and drop querying, composable dashboards and a SQL workspace (SQL Lab). Originally built to query Druid, but now supports a wide range of SQL (and NoSQL) databases, with a lightweight semantic layer allowing control of how data sources are displayed in the UI and which fields can be filtered and aggregated. Users can create Slices (a visualisation of the results of an OLAP style query, with support for a range of visualisations including charts, heat maps, maps, pivot tables, and word clouds amongst others, the ability to configure the query using UI controls, and the ability to configure and customise the visualisation), with multiple slides then composable into a Dashboard (that also support interative filters that connect to multiple slices). Also supports a full SQL IDE (SQL Lab) that supports multiple tabs, a full query history, the ability to apply any data visualisation to results and to browse database metadata, and support for long-running queries using a backend query handler and results store. Other features include query results caching, a plug-in and extensibility framework, the ability to brand and skin the web application, and a robust security model for controlling access to slices, dashboards and data, with support for a range of authentication methods including OpenID, LDAP and OAuth. Originally developed by AirBnB in 2015 as Panoramix, before being renamed to Caravel and then to Superset. Donated to the Apache Foundation in June 2017 and still incubating, with development now led by AirBnB and Hortonworks.

Technology Information

Other NamesSuperset, Apache Superset
TypeOpen Source - Active
Last UpdatedJune 2017 - v0.10

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Is packaged byHortonworks Data Platform, Streaming Analytics Manager

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