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A framework for Apache Mesos to schedule and orchestrate jobs to periodically run at fixed times, dates or intervals in a clustered environment. Leverages Mesos for resource allocation and isolation and provides a REST API and web interface for job definition and job management. Reoccurring jobs are defined using ISO8601 repeating interval notation and may also be triggered by the completion of other jobs to create dependency based jobs. Uses ZooKeeper for state management and typically deployed as a service under Marathon for high-availability. Supports writing and exporting of job metrics to various systems for further analysis and notifications to various endpoints such as email and chat messaging systems. Originally created at AirBnB and written in Scala, opened sourced in March 2013 under the Apache 2.0 license, hosted under the Apache Mesos Community Projects group-owned repositories on GitHub.

Technology Information

Other NamesChronos
TypeOpen Source - Active
Last UpdatedJuly 2017 - v3.0

Related Technologies

UsesApache ZooKeeper
Add on toApache Mesos